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GD’s phone call to Kim Woo Bin @ 140102 MNET M!Countdown (New Year Special)!

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My cousin got hit by a truck.

He’s fine nothing broken but he has the sickest bruise ever!! Like holy shit you can see the outline of his muscles and bones on his chest?

This thing is awesome.
I told him he should get it tatted to always remember that he survived getting hit by a truck lol

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I love everything about this movie

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War is organised murder, and nothing else
Harry Patch aged 111. Britain’s last First World War veteran, 1898-2009   (via rookiekid)

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You sly lil shit.
  • Kim Woobin: What are your plans for 2014?
  • GD: To get closer to Woobinnie.
  • Woobin: Hyung~~
  • trans: @ShrimpLJY
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